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Tevir Group make a Christmas Donation to IOM Foodbank

Tevir Group were delighted to donate £10,000 worth of Co-Op gift vouchers, on behalf of The Keith Jones Foundation, to IOM FoodBank.

The vouchers were gifted to over 100 households that the IOM Foodbank support across the island in the hope of making a real difference this Christmas season. 

The IOM Foodbank is so much more than food. They offer a holistic approach towards crisis support, giving a hand up, not a handout, to those struggling to put food on the table. They aim to provide a bridge to independence, giving those who need it, the opportunity to catch their breathe and gather themselves to move forward again. 

Its been an absolute pleasure working with the team at IOM Foodbank and understanding everything they do behind the scenes to help those in need. They have a very busy operation down at the main hub and it's great to see how well supported they are with food donations, however, they could always do with more help and volunteers.

Isle of Man Foodbank - How can you Help 

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