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Introducing our first local artist: Heather Maddrell

We have had the pleasure of working with a selection of artists all local to the Isle of Man, who have provided us with some stunning pieces of artwork to brighten up our office at 55 Athol Street.

Having been in our new office at 55 Athol Street for over a year now, we have finally got round to adding a splash of colour to the walls and hanging up some gorgeous new artwork. We have had the pleasure of working with several artists that have provided us with some stunning pieces and we are so proud to say they are all local to the Isle of Man showing what amazing talent we have here. 

Our first local talent is the  lovely Heather Maddrell who lives on the Isle of Man with her 2 children and is a self-taught abstract artist. Through working as a make-up artist, she demonstrated her transfer of skills and creative flare when she began painting in the lockdown of 2020. She started painting small abstract and floral canvases with acrylic paint and would donate proceeds to Friends of Nobles. Since then, her incredible talent has not gone a miss and her bespoke abstract paintings continue to be in high demand. Over time her style has developed, but always with a common focus on vibrant and energetic colours.

We asked Heather to produce a few different pieces for us to brighten us the Tevir office and were delighted with the outcome, especially the gold leaf effect used throughout each of them.

For more information on Heather's work, please visit her Instagram page @heathermaddrell_art or Click here

Artwork: 'Azure' 

Artwork: 'Aqua'

Artwork: Duo set 'Labrynth'

Artwork: 'Azure' & 'Aqua'

Artist: Heather Maddrell 

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