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Keith Jones Foundation supports Hyperbaric Chamber

Ciaran and Jess had the pleasure of visiting the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy centre to present a donation on behalf of the Keith Jones Foundation.
Debbie Barron (on behalf of HBOT IOM), Ciaran Doherty (on behalf of the Keith Jones Foundation)

On the 31st of March 2019 the Hyperbaric Medicine Facility here on the Isle of Man was taken over by a new Company/Charity in the name of ‘HBOT IOM’. Their goal is to raise the awareness of the benefits of hyperbaric therapy and to raise funds to keep this vital local facility in operation. They intend to ensure that the facility has a secure future, so that island residents and others in need will continue to benefit from this non-invasive form of healing.

This donation, made on behalf of the Keith Jones Foundation, will be used towards the service provision costs for patient sundries which are needed by each patient whilst having treatments. The highest standards are now applicable and each patient, whilst undergoing treatment here, is supplied with a pair of antistatic shoes (ESD) and in a month 4 different disposable masks and tubes stored in a personal cotton bag.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is defined as delivery of 100% oxygen inside a treatment chamber at a partial pressure greater than one atmosphere (sea level). It is typically administered at a partial pressure substantially higher than 100kPa and seldom at less than 220kPa. Breathing 100% oxygen at atmospheric pressure or applying topical oxygen without enclosing the patient in a pressurised chamber does not produce the same effects and is not recognized as hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

The Charity has fundraised £800,000 to purchase, install and commission a new hyperbaric chamber into the re modelled Peel Road facility. They are now fund raising for the funds needed for the medical service provision. When they have sufficient funds in place they will be able to then offer a full hyperbaric service.

To read more about the HBOT, click here: Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Isle of Man | HBOT Isle of Man

Jess Edmonds and Ciaran Doherty (on behalf of the Keith Jones Foundation)

Jess Edmonds and Ciaran Doherty (on behalf of the Keith Jones Foundation)

Hyperbaric Chamber

Hyperbaric Chamber

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