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Keith Jones helps CPI (Casa da Primeira Infância - Early Childhood Home) to have a happier Christmas

Our chairman, Keith Jones, is always happy to help where he can. A recent example of this is for the past two years Keith has made generous donations in the form of gifts to the children at a Casa da Primeira Infância (Early Children Home) in Portugal and a variety of hampers and vouchers the staff there.

José Teiga, President of the CPI told us:


Always on the side of those who want to help, namely Institutions, Social Security, City Council and many anonymous people and friends, including benefactors, who suddenly appear in the heart of the CPI, as unexpectedly as necessary, the Loulé´s Nursery continues its historic, human and educational work now on its way to 77 years.

It has been like this from day one, with the ups and downs that mark the life of an institution that was born on the 10th of June 1945, forged in love, education and peace for children.

Long path, tremendously difficult, tortuous, but never giving up. In fact, until the mid-sixties/seventies, they were needy children who attended the Loulé´s Day Care Center, whose parents or responsible family members were unable to pay.

From Maria José Cabeçadas to” Menina Isabelinha” (Miss Isabelinha), through Silvina Bonixe and Catarina Farrajota, it was the “women´s world” that dictated the Institution's entire future. However, in the midst of many bitter hours, due to the pandemic, difficulties and other values wherein society is fertile, the Institution has always managed to bring “the boat to good port”.

The CPI has done everything to transmit the highest values ​​to the children, as a result of the capacity and competence of its professionals. The CPI seeks that nothing lacks to the children and thus welcomes all supports. 

as had already happened last year, the Municipality of Loulé and its president, Dr. Vítor Aleixo, supported the CPI in its activities and acquisition of materials. The Crèche de Loulé once again had a Christmas full of love and gifts, and this is due to the great English benefactor, Mr. Keith Jones, who in the last two years has been side by side with the Institution and consequently with the Governing Bodies.

This Christmas, along with constant financial support, Keith Jones offered the Institution 263 hampers that were distributed to the families of each user and staff, and some of these hampers, by recommendation of José Teiga, reached the most disadvantaged homes.

Referring to Keith Jones' great support, the institution's President, José Teiga, told to A Voz de Loulé:

«We want to emphasize the financial support that, throughout the year, reached the CPI and with it we were able to improve spaces and comfort for all children. Everyone we come across has a purpose in our lives. Even difficult times are important. The arrival of dear friend and benefactor Keith Jones at the CPI was like a star fallen from the sky, not only due to the constant help, as happened again this Christmas, but in the dream that is yet to come, so that soon we can have our own space in what concerns the Os MIÚDOS Host House.

Therefore, for Mr. Keith Jones and for all his availability, passion for the Institution and financial assistance, all of us, associates, workers and members of the social bodies and families of the CPI, would like to express our most heartfelt gratitude.”

Last December 20th, 263 Christmas hampers were delivered to the families of CIP users, kindly offered by friend and benefactor Keith Jones, whose work, choosing the products, coordinating with the institution, scheduling the receipt and delivery, was only possible thanks to the great professionalism, commitment, kindness and love of serving, from Maria João, Secretary of Mr. Keith Jones.

Each child received an individual gift of pedagogical and didactic material, according to their age, whose selection was made by the kindergarten teachers under the guidance of the Technical and Pedagogical Director, Drª Ivone Machado. We are talking about 200 gifts, purchased at the local trade in Loulé.

This is the second year in a row that friend Keith, helping to alleviate the difficulties of families, has made his helpful contribution to a happier Christmas.

In addition and throughout the year, Mr. Keith Jones made a financial contribution to the institution to help with the annual deficit of around 50,000 euros from the deficit response of the OS MIÚDOS Host House. Thus, it was possible to timely pay the monthly rent of 1,000 euros to the landlady Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Loulé, as well as overdue rent in the amount of 35,000 euros.

We are entering 2022 with a happier heart, and in that happiness, we also recognize all the support we have received from the Loulé City Council and its executive, chaired by Dr. Vítor Aleixo.   

Neto Gomes

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