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Keith Jones Foundation thrilled to support Isle Stand Up To Suicide

The Keith Jones Foundation recently donated £20,000 to support the development of the charity

In recent years the Isle of Man has seen a significant increase in death by suicide. We understand that the Isle of Man was the only area of the U.K with an increase in deaths by suicide during the Pandemic. “For 14 years the suicide rate on the Island has been statistically similar to the U.K However, the rate increased in 2019/2020 with 22 people per 85,000 population” - IOM Government (average suicide rate in the UK = 11 people/100,000 population).

Isle Stand Up To Suicide (ISUTS) provides an alternative service, to those already available on the Isle of Man. They offer a phone helpline which anyone in a suicidal crisis can call. Once initial contact has been made, they give callers the option to access a phone counselling service, to help them to get through their ‘darkest days’. These are short-term interventions, rather than long-term solutions. Their ‘Question, Persuade, Refer’ (QPR) training will also offer the Manx Community opportunities to obtain the skills and confidence to have conversations around the topic of suicide and suicidal ideation. 

In early 2022 Paula Dunlop, a mental health nurse with over 20 years’ experience and Ali Vondy, a mental health and wellbeing trainer, came together over a mutual concern based on the high number of suicides in the Isle of Man, compared to other British jurisdictions. Both Paula and Ali are also running their own successful businesses, so, to have someone who could take on the day-to-day administrative running and organisation of the charity would be a huge help.

The Keith Jones Foundation recently donated £20,000 to support the development of the charity and part funding of an Office Coordinator. It is such a shame that these services are required, however, it’s fantastic to see the difference that the charity is making to the Manx community and the positive feedback received from individuals and families that have been supported by ISUTS.

For more information, visit - Isle Stand Up To Suicide 

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