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Third local artist announced: Kimberley Ramsey

Self-taught and intuitive artist has created multiple paintings for the Tevir office, including a special commission of a favourite Manx landscape

Another individual we had the pleasure of working with is Kimberley Ramsey, a super talented self-taught and intuitive artist who was born on the Isle of Man and now lives in Gloucester. She began painting in the lockdown of 2020 and has experimented with different mediums and techniques, each time creating gorgeous abstract pieces.


We chose multiple paintings from Kim’s collection and also asked her to create a special commission canvas for us of a favourite Manx landscape (Bradda Head, Port Erin if you hadn't guessed it!). Click here to see the video of her creating the painting and all the texture up close.


It was an absolute delight working with Kim throughout the process as we discussed ideas and preferences to suit the space and we are so pleased with the finished artwork now displayed in the office.


For more information on Kimberley Ramsey’s work, please visit her Instagram page Kimberley Ramsey


Artwork: 'Traa Dy Liooar' - translation 'Time Enough' in Manx

Artwork: 'Aerial Bliss' 

Artwork: 'Red, White & Bloom'

Artist: Kimberley Ramsey

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